FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference 2018

Highlights from the FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference 2018.This half-day forum bought together senior executives from across the industry to discuss the current lending landscape. This event explored a number of key themes including, the impact of regulatory changes, the current state of play with non-performing loans globally, the future for European banking and the impact of a volatile and uncertain geopolitical picture on credit risk.

How predictable is the resolution process in ensuring stability in the investment community?

Zoom out: what is driving current macro-economic constellations? With James McCormack, Global Head of Sovereign and Supranationals, Fitch Ratings

Alison Rose CEO Corporate Commercial and Private Banking, RBS, discusses the rapid growth of non-bank lenders and the role of regulators at the FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference 2018

Monsur Hussain, Head of Financial Institutions Regulatory Research for Fitch Ratings discusses Basel and Dodd Frank: what safeguards are in place to allow the financial industry to move safely from legislation to implementation?

The current lending landscape and financial stability 10 years on, highlights from the FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference 2018

Regulation Update - intended and unintended consequences
Clare Woodman, COO, Morgan Stanley discusses stress testing

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