How do we teach Financial Data Analytics with Python?

A Series of Modular Workshops for Differing Levels of Expertise

  • An interactive instructor-led training program built around using Python to prepare, interpret and analyze financial data.
  • Comprises instructor-led and eLearning modules ranging from beginner to advanced skills level.
  • Clients have the flexibility to customize learning programs for their teams by combining different modules or choose from our recommended learning program options.
What is financial data analytics with Python?

Why Upskill Your Teams in Using Python?

For Organizations

  • Accelerate decision-making: Equip your front and middle office teams with Python skills to make informed decisions quickly and effectively. ​
  • Drive operational efficiencies: Streamline workflows and eliminate manual processes by leveraging cutting-edge data analytics with Python. ​
  • Boost cross-functional team productivity: Foster real-time collaboration and seamless workflow integration through up-skilling your teams in Python. ​
  • Gain competitive advantage: Empower your teams to navigate large and complex financial data, enhancing agility and responsiveness to customer demands. ​
  • Establish an effective data analytics function: Enable your teams to interpret and challenge outputs, presenting impactful insights to the business.

For Learners

  • Enhance productivity: Automate labor-intensive data analysis tasks and save time, while minimizing errors.  Eliminate repetitive tasks: Write simple Python scripts and free yourself from the monotony of repetitive data handling. ​
  • Master complex financial data: Develop the skills to capture insights from diverse data sources for faster decision-making. ​
  • Deliver real-time insights: Elevate the quality of your work, strengthen client relationships, and make data-driven decisions in the moment.​

Who is it Suitable for?

Financial Data Analytics with Python training program is suitable ​for the following teams and roles in Financial Institutions.​

  • ​Financial Analysts​
  • Credit Analysts ​
  • Portfolio Analysts​
  • Risk Managers​
  • Fund Managers​
  • Data and Analytics Teams ​
  • Model Validators​
  • Financial Crime Detection and Prevention Teams​
  • Regulatory Compliance Teams​
Who is Financial Data Analytics suitable for

Why Choose Financial Data Analytics with Python Training with Fitch Learning?

Instructor Expertise

  • Training faculty with financial services industry expertise and experience​

  • Up-to-date with current research in AI and latest industry in data science and analytics​

Tailored for Financial Services

  • Case studies that utilize financial data only​

  • Python Data Analytics tools with  focused application to the financial services industry​

Modular in Design

  • Modules range from no coding experience, to advanced topics such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing​

  • ​Program can be customized based on client needs from  available modules​

  • ​Comes with eLearning Primer module to equip learners with the prerequisite knowledge of Python​

Quality at Scale

  • Offers practical hands-on coding experience​

  • Robust content that can be scaled globally​

  • Instructor-led training - deliverable both virtually and in person.​

  • Content developed that is relevant to industry trends in data analytics​

Our In-house Training Solutions for Your Teams

We offer a series of instructor-led Financial Data Analytics with Python modules coving various topics. Modules can be combined to create single or multiple day programs to meet the specific needs of your business, as well as cater to diverse skill levels. Or you can select from our pre-designed learning program options.

Examples of in-house training learning programs

Public Courses for Professionals to Upskill​

Individual professionals can learn financial data analytics with Python from scratch or upskill in a practical and engaging way.​

  • ​Live online and in-person training sessions​
  • Earn CPD points​
  • Led by industry experts
Explore our range of available courses:
Public Courses for Professionals to Upskill​

Articles and Insights

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