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ESG Ratings Insights: Gender Diversity Metrics and Trends
How does gender diversity impact ESG Ratings? Find out in our recent report.
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ESG Ratings Insights: Gender Diversity Metrics and Trends
A company’s dedication to diversity could yield additional benefits extending to environmental and governance practices, our ESG Ratings data show.
Banks and European Companies Score Higher in Gender Diversity
Financial institutions and companies in the European Union score the highest on gender diversity. The energy, automotive and transportation sectors lag behind, as do companies in Asia and Latin America.
2024 Q1 ESG Regulatory Tracker Updates
Discover the impact of the latest global ESG regulatory milestones, including the UK's new Sustainability Disclosure Requirements and Green Taxonomy, in Sustainable Fitch's upcoming webinar.
20th March, 2024
09:30 ET | 14:30 GMT
Recent ESG Ratings and Second-Party Opinions
Recent Sustainable Insights
Sustainable finance in 2024 will be characterised by region-specific transition strategies. The EU’s green taxonomy continues to serve as a crucial model for emerging taxonomies, but regional variations require more nuanced approaches.
Setting climate-related targets is still not the standard practice for entities in the leveraged finance space, as only 28% of issuers in the sector have disclosed climate-related targets to their investor base. This leaves most issuers vulnerable to climate transition risks.
Activities financed through labelled bonds issued by global utilities and power producers generally have strong positive environmental impacts, based on Sustainable Fitch’s ESG Ratings, which measure the ESG impact of debt instruments and issuing entities.
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