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Fitch Solutions
Brazil: Now What?
Fitch Solutions Webinar
Wednesday, 10th October | 10:00 New York / 15:00 London

Brazil's general election this month will be its most consequential since 2002, when Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva ushered in an era of leftist governance led by his Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT), lasting through 2016. Following three years of economic and political crisis driven by the end of the commodity boom and a sweeping set of corruption investigations, Brazil is at a critical juncture. The election will determine whether liberalising reforms that began over the last two years under outgoing President Michel Temer will advance, stagnate or be undone, and thus reshape the country's long-term growth outlook.

In this webinar, we will outline the political and economic implications of the election, devoting attention to both possible outcomes of the October 27 second-round election.

Join us for a webinar where we will discuss:

  • Our prediction of the most likely winner
  • An overview of the alternative scenario
  • The outlook for reforms under either possible outcome
  • The economic outlook under either possible outcome
  • Key risks to our views

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This commentary is produced by Fitch Solutions Macro Research and is NOT a comment about Fitch Ratings’ Credit Opinions or Credit Ratings. Nor is any of the background obtained from, or in conjunction with, Fitch Ratings credit analysts.

Jeffrey Lamoureux
Senior Country Risk Analyst
Fitch Solutions